New York to Ban McDonalds?

I came across an interesting article about how NYC may potentially put a “ban” on certain items on McDonald’s menu, stating they are more dangerous then illegal substances.    Many people may be outraged about this, or have an opinion about how ridiculous this sounds, but in fact this is some of the best news I’ve heard yet today!   So many people would assume that putting a ban on a legal food is ridiculous, but in fact – McDonald’s food is technically not real food at all.  As I discussed in a prior post, it is made of artificial ingredients created to addict people, fatten them up, and then give them cancer in 25 years.  Is that something we want existing on every 4 blocks in our city? There is no reason that McDonald’s should be treated any different than any other chemical that is poisoning our body.


Instead of having a smiley Ronald clown as their mascot, perhaps they should depict the evil clown shown above. That would give people a more realistic idea of the corporation they are buying from. Our society puts labels on things, and if something doesn’t fall into that label or category, we can’t fathom it being there. Well this is a perfect example of something that needs a new label. Besides unhealthy, McDonald’s needs to start being labeled as the toxic chemicals that it actually is.

I highly doubt this ban will go into effect, much like the large soda ban that was so close to passing, til the courts last minute ruled it out (go figure, think of all the $ the soda companies paid that judge off with).  But if it did, I would think of it as NYC being one step ahead the rest of the world.    With its tons of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan restaurants – NYC has options that the rest of country just doesn’t.  I recently went on a trip to Upstate NY, and couldn’t help but notice the  limited food options in the area.  Every grocery store stocked with processed foods, greasy restaurants and fast food every mile on the highway.  It was nearly impossible to locate any food that seemed at all remotely healthy (besides from making your own food at home).  No wonder our country is being faced with these issues…the options are NOT out there. And for that, I commend NYC – for giving people a chance to eat better, something that is not so easy in other places.  With its admittance that McDonalds is literally a toxic cancer forming agent, we are again taking one step in the direction of knowing.

What are your thoughts?

Read the full article about New York’s thoughts on banning McDonald’s here


Some broccoli a day, keeps the cancer away!

Image Attention chemo and radiation believers!  Would you believe me if I said there was another miracle “drug” out there, one that could prevent the cancer before we even got it? Sounds amazing right?  Well guess what, there is!  It is called broccoli.  Most people think broccoli is gross, disgusting, tasteless, and has no value besides being green and taking over a prime spot on our dinner plate, that could be better filled with something delicious.  Well I have great news!  After reading this post you will have a new understanding of broccoli, one that makes it a worthy component of your dinner! Image According to an article on Greenmed, “Research has shown repeatedly that cruciferous vegetables fight cancer.  Vegetablessuch as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower contain a cancer-protective compound called sulforaphane.”  In fact, it has been shown that broccoli can KILL the very stem cells that make cancers the immortal demons that they are.  What kind of broccoli is most effective? The answer is broccoli sprouts! Studies show that mixing broccoli with broccoli sprouts make its anti-cancer effect over 2 times more effective!  For those of you that don’t know the difference between the two, broccoli sprouts are 3-4 day old broccoli, looking like little sprouts seen below.


Another important thing to note is that most people OVERCOOK broccoli, allowing it to lose the nutritious and anti-cancer impact it has.  Articles have shown that 2 minutes in a microwave or 7 minutes of steaming broccoli can destroy important nutrients.  Nutritionists recommend steaming broccoli for only two to four minutes to protect both the enzyme and the vegetable’s other nutrients.

So there you have it! A reason to welcome some broccoli on to your dinner plate with open arms! Too lazy to adjust to these greens? Don’t want to bother with seeking out some additional sprouts in the supermarket? These little changes have the ability to prevent you from spending months of your future sitting in a chemo chair with an IV in your arm.  Why take the time once its too late, but not take the time now? Let’s take action and start eating more broccoli!



Iced cold Pepsi anyone? How about some high fructose cancer syrup!


Over the weekend I couldn’t help but notice tons of people slurping down a delicious (so we think), thirst quenching (not!), icy soda.  Whether its Coke or Pepsi, Sprite or 7-up, or even a good ole Dr. Pepper – it seems us Americans can’t get enough of this stuff.  Now we all know soda has sugar. (What about diet soda you ask? Don’t worry! Thats equally if not more poisonous, but let’s save that for a whole other post!) But what about all this high fructose corn syrup talk?  What is that stuff anyway?  It does have the word corn in it, so it couldn’t be THAT bad. Unfortunately this little demon, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is just as bad if not WORSE than sugar.


Let’s start with a basic definition of HFCS: corn syrup to which enzymes have been added to change some of the glucose to fructose, making it sweeter than regular corn syrup. In America, HFCS is among the sweeteners that have primarily replaced table sugar in the food industry. So what?  A syrup sweeter than sugar, sounds amazing huh!? If you want cancer, heart disease, and obesity, than drink up everyone, cause that is the only thing HFCS is doing to your body. Why you ask?  Well let me tell you…

Our digestive system is not familiar with high amounts of isolated fructose such as HFCS.  Our bodies are NOT designed to break down the levels of fructose that we are intaking.  This results in it passing 100% of the fructose to our livers, which then processes all of itas FAT.  Big surprise that this leads to an INCREASE in reduced liver function and an INCREASE in a risk for heart disease.

So what?  I’ll just eat less to account for the extra soda in my diet.  FALSE! HFCS creates even more metabolic damage because it has no effect on ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, and interferes with the brain`s leptin communication, which lets you know you`ve had enough to eat. This leads to overeating. (In fact you are better off with plain old sugar.) S0 by consuming soda and other sweet juices with HFCS I will actually eat more?!  Yes indeed.

Still NOT CONVINCED YET? Perhaps liver damage and heart disease don’t hit home.  Perhaps overeating is not a concern.  How about cancer?  A study at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that pancreatic cancer cells grew faster when “fed” with fructose.   They concluded that fructose would also speed the growth of other cancers as well.   Instead of nourishing and feeding ourselves, we are fueling our demise,  cancer cells.  Then we wonder why cancer is rapidly taking over this country?  The facts are right here people!  Between 1970 and 1990, consumption of high-fructose corn syrup rose 1,000 percent, according to the cancer researchers.


Unfortunately HFCS is not only in soda, but is now in pretty much everything we eat.  Juices, canned goods, syrups, KETCUP etc.  How could this be? Because the cost is is significantly less then that of producing with sugar.  So we are being cheated of our health for corporations to save a buck, the answer is yes.  Where does that money go?  To the excessive amount of advertising that these companies are using, distracting us from the truth and brainwashing us that these are actual beverages we should be drinking.  This results in us making our own decision to poison ourselves and buy more and more.  CRAZY RIGHT!

Now what?   I dare you. Instead of ordering an XL soda with your meal, opt for a bottle of water.  Can’t resist sugar?  Avoid HFCS at all costs!  Make sure to READ THE LABELS of what you are eating.  You wouldn’t believe how many products have high fructose corn syrup in them that you wouldn’t expect.  Search for something with a natural sweetener (stevia) or use raw honey. Stores like Trader Joe’s offer many non-HFCS products like ketchup, syrups, etc.

A little extra effort will go a long way folks!

Sources to learn more:

Natural news article

HFCS and Cancer article

Want some milk with that cardboard?


Breakfast is a very important meal of the day (so they say).  Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and then the ever so popular cereal.   Growing up, cereal was by far my favorite breakfast food, being a picky eater that disliked eggs and sausage, it was cereal every morning before school.  Frosted flakes, Lucky Charms, or “healthy” options like Raisin Bran and Cheerios were in my usual routine.  A bowl of cereal is so common in many households, particularly with children, that people never really think beyond what the box tells them.  Now off the top of your mind I am sure you could guess that Oreo O’s and Count Chocula wouldn’t be the healthiest of choices, but what if I told you that ALL cereal, including Chex, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and Special K were bad for you as well?  What if I told you eating the cardboard box your cereal came in was healthier than eating the cereal itself? You’d scoff and roll your eyes I’m sure.

Now you may be confused and in denial at this point.  I was as well.  According to an article by Dr. Steven Sisskind, its not the what is IN the cereal but it is the way the cereal is processed (although I am sure the tons of added sugar doesn’t help the case).  When the cereal is being processed in an extruder (the machine that makes ALL cereal) in the factory all the nutrients and proteins in the grain are destroyed.  This includes destroying any added vitamins that companies add to make the cereal appear healthier.  What does this result in?  When the proteins are destroyed all that remain are a TOXIN.

Still don’t believe me?  Two fascinating studies have been done to prove this theory right.  In one study from 1960 conducted at the University of Michigan there were 3 groups of mice.  Group 1 received cornflakes and water. Group 2 received the CARDBOARD BOX the cornflakes came in and water.  Group 3 received rat food and water.  Can you guess what happened folks?  The mice that ate the cornflakes DIED before the mice eating the CARDBOARD!  Turns out the cardboard had more nourishment than the cereal and the cornflakes resulted in damage to the pancreas, liver and kidneys.  Want to read more – check out the entire article here.

So there you have it folks.  Don’t worry mom, I don’t blame you for the countless bowls I consumed, you along with myself were just doing what marketers made us “think” was right.   So spread the word everyone.  Next time you wake up in the morning or go to feed your children some breakfast, think twice before reaching for the morning cereal box.   Perhaps some fresh fruit, some eggs, or some whole grain oatmeal.