Start young – 6 tricks to get kids to drink green juice!

Starting a healthy lifestyle at a young age is super important.  I feel like we really need to get kids eating better younger, to enforce healthy habits from the root.  Food Babe wrote this super cool article about tricks to getting your kids hooked on green drinks and I couldn’t help but feel the need to share!!  Some of her tips were really great.

1. The first tip was involving them from the beginning of the process (the purchase) – this peaks their curiosity and makes them feel involved in the process and excited about it.

2. Talk about how cool it is to drink green juice..I just love this one.  Why don’t more parents make eating healthy seem cool? We reward kids with dessert and fast food – but why not start young making healthy eating seem “cool”. She also encourages having other people they look up to talk about how cool it is as well.

3. Let them pick out a fun cup to drink from.  This is great! I mean when I go to work out I always get more excited if I just bought a new outfit, so I wouldn’t kids be the same!  Getting them a new cup would then get them excited about their drink. love it.

4. Lead by example and don’t sweat it.  This is really important as well. Not to make a huge ordeal if they don’t drink it – just keep trying each day or attempt to switching up the recipe.  I totally agree – force will not result in good habits.

5. Ease into it with sweeter fruits.  By starting with something sweeter it will peak their interest, and once hooked you can switch to better ingredients.  Similar to marketing tactics!

6. Finally she included a list of recipe samples which you can check out below.

I really love this article and look forward to trying this some day when I have kids!!


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