A marketer’s view on marketing ploys…

marketing ploy

As a marketer I am always eager to see what new tactics are out there – whether I agree with them or not.  In this case not.

This interesting article highlights marketing ploys that are not in our health’s best interest.  Again I am not here to provide evidence whether this is true or not – but to provide food for thought.  Something we can never get enough of these days.

My favorite and most close to home is #4-  Most diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease are hereditary (actually, 85 – 95% come from food/water/bad medicine)  This one hits close to home given I have had numerous family members going through these health problems.  I couldn’t agree more that food/water/bad medicine really results in our health problems.  We are what we eat – and I am passionate about that (hence this blog).  Many people may beg to differ – but just consider the above.

The full list and article is below – Enjoy!




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