One giant leap in the fight against GMOs!


For those of you who think fighting against major corporations is a failed cause, think again! The Monsanto Protection Act, an act that protected sellers of genetically modified seeds from lawsuits, even if the resulting crops cause harm, is set to EXPIRE on 9/30 and WILL NOT BE REINSTATED.  This is a huge victory for Anti-GMO and Anti-Monsanto activists and believers.  Thanks to the thousands of Americans who protested, had their voices heard, and spoke out against GMOs, we are making steps in the right direction!  Although this does not rule out the use of GMOs, there is now no longer a law protecting GMOs against harm.  On a bigger scale, it is recognition that the people have a problem with GMO’s and that our voices have a chance at being heard.   Keep it up folks!


Read more about the removal of the act here.


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